SEQTA Education Portals

SEQTA Education Portals

Kinross College uses the Education Portal SEQTA to share information and communications between teachers, students, parents, and carers.

It is also where teachers place lesson resources. If students are not attending school due to COVID-19 quarantine/isolation – online learning is available via SEQTA.


To access SEQTA Learn (For students) follow:


To access SEQTA Engage (For parents) follow:

To log in to SEQTA as a parent: You will need to use your 'P' number and password.

All parents/carers get emailed an automated registration email from the SEQTA system. (Email notifications will go to the email address that you have registered with the College). Follow the instructions in that email to login. If you no longer know your login details or did not receive the initial email, please contact the College via this email: or call the office staff on 9233 6700.


When you have your login set up – we advise that you also set up the password recovery (point no.4 in the Learning from Home document) so that you can reset this yourself if needed.