Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

The Student Services team supports the health and wellbeing of students and encourages a positive school environment.

The team includes a Student Services Manager, a School Psychologist, a Community Health Nurse, a School Chaplain along with her Therapy Dog, a RISE Coordinator for each year group and Head of House for each of the Houses; Aecor, Harena, Ventus and Solis and a Student Services Support Officer. Together this comprehensive team provides students with counselling, health and wellbeing advise, goal setting, course & career advice, mentoring and some fun activities to get involved in too.

Student Services Manager:


Student Leadership

We provide opportunities for leadership and participation, in a range of social and extra-curricular activities.

Support of students’ social, emotional, health and wellbeing is ensured by providing a safe and supportive environment.  Teachers as mentors, TAG Teachers, are allocated a group of students (TAG Class).  TAG Teachers foster mutual respect and fairness through values education.   We expect our students to be free from all forms of bullying and harassment.  We actively encourage compassion, tolerance, respect, support and consideration for each other.  Our approach to bullying is shared problem-solving, focusing on empowerment and developing awareness of their own rights, as well as their responsibility to respect the rights of others.

The Student Services team offers additional support through one-on-one counselling, assisting with goal setting and providing career information and learning support.  Our community links also provide the opportunity of involvement in a range of mentoring programs.   Some examples are Shine for girls and Strength for boys, which focus on supporting adolescents’ needs.

The Nurse primarily assists in health education and health promotion strategies at the College.  The Nurse is accessible to students who may be seeking assistance with adolescent psychosocial and physical health issues that may arise.  The College works in partnership with the Community Health Nurse to develop a coherent and coordinated approach to address the health needs of students.