We use the education platform SEQTA and its Portals; SEQTA Learn – for students; SEQTA Engage – for parents/carers.

SEQTA is our preferred communication tool.  It is vital that all parents have access to this system.  Please refer below on how to do this.

As a parent on SEQTA Engage you will be able to: View your child’s lessons, upcoming assessments, timetable, homework and points tally.  You will also receive notices and messages from teachers and the school office.

How To Get Access As A Parent

A welcome to SEQTA email is sent to all parent/guardians upon commencement. This email is sent from the following email address:  If you cannot find your welcome email, please search for emails from this address above. If you still cannot find it, please check that the College has your email on our records, phone 9233 6700.
Once parents have received their login invitation (which is active for 2 weeks) there are two ways to regularly access SEQTA Engage:

  1. Mobile phone App for SEQTA Engage, this is available for both Android and Apple devices. Simply search for SEQTA in your device’s App store to download it on your device. We encourage you to download this App as it will be a great way to access and receive information and notifications. The College aims to be able to make good use of this method of communication once we have the majority of our families on board.
  2. Online through a browser on a device. SEQTA Engage (for parents) can be accessed via this link: which you can find on the College website under the ‘Links’ tab / SEQTA Portals / SEQTA Engage.

The College can send you a Direct Message within SEQTA which you can access via the App or through your SEQTA Engage portal on a device.

Difficulty logging in?

Note on student access:

Students are setup with their SEQTA access when they commence at the College.