Learning Support

Learning Support

Learning Support at Kinross College seeks to provide resources, teaching and learning opportunities with an individualised approach to ensure all students access curriculum (at their assessed level) to reach their full academic and social potential.

We support all students with a variety of evidence-based strategies and programs. We aim to tailor support to the individual, while maintaining an inclusive classroom environment where students feel equality with their peers.


Support includes:

  • EA’s (supporting individuals, groups and classrooms)
  • Learning Intervention classes – Literacy
  • Learning Support Electives – Literacy and Numeracy
  • Social Skill groups
  • Individualised Curriculum Planning (subject specific SEN plans)
  • Individualised Education Planning (whole school IEP’s)
  • Assistive Technology support (WordQ, Speech-2-Text, Roger hearing etc)
  • Learning support classroom, with custom furniture/resources to support focus in learning.
  • Access for private Tutors, OT’s and Speech Therapists to visit students in school


Our well-resourced and fully trained Learning Support Team, also utilise resources from the Department of Education Special Educational Needs Unit and other training providers to deliver innovative and contemporary support to students. However, the key focus of the team is to build and maintain relationships with students, families and staff providing informed and individualised support throughout a student’s time at Kinross College.