Soccer Academy

The Soccer Academy At Kinross College

The Kinross College Soccer Academy program is for students in years 7-10 combining educational and physical learning into one.

Our program is one of few which offers a professional and well equipped course with state of the art recourses. Developing student’s physical and technical knowledge of the world game is our aim here at Kinross College. This unique program follows a holistic approach to coaching and is game centred. Also shadowing Football Federation Australia and Football West coaching guidelines. This allows for a proficient learning sequence to take place throughout each year level, becoming more challenging for students each year. We pride ourselves on delivering a well-rounded program for each student to thrive within.

What's Offered Through The Soccer Academy At Kinross College:

  • Year 7 and 8 students are allocated 2 timetabled lessons a week (2 hours in total). 
  • Year 9 and 10 students are allocated 3 timetabled lessons per week; 2 Practical and 1 theory. 
  • Technical Development – first touch, running with the ball, technical conditioning, 1v1 attacking, 1v1 defending and striking the ball. 
  • Game Play Development – Playing out from the back, combination play, attacking through wide areas, and link up play in the final third. 
  • Physical Development – High Performance Strength and Conditioning Program with 2 Halfs Football Development. 
  • Psychology Development – sport psychology, goal setting, leadership and communication skills. 
  • Advance Sport Analysis – Researching and identifying a deeper knowledge on tactics of the world game. Analysing whole team and individual game play. 
  • Theory Lessons – Where students will enhance footballing knowledge. 
  • Year 10 students will take part in the Football West Level 4 & 5 Referee accreditation. 

Students can apply for year 7 to 10 entry into the Academy but are limited to 25 students in each year group. Entry is through trial and school report. 

Applications for the program are done directly through Kinross College, trials are held in Term 2. 

For further information about the program please contact:

Kieran Davies 


Soccer Academy Program Coordinator at Kinross College 

Accredited Football Federation Australia C Licence Coach, 2 Halfs Football Development Junior Coach, networked with a range of professional football clubs in England – United Kingdom, and past/present coach of a number of NPL WA teams. 


Steele Morrell 


Health and Physical Education – Head of Department